How These Artists Followed Their Dreams Despite the Odds

There are many people out there who have a passion for something that they are not fostering. They are working a “safe” job, they followed the more stable course in terms of career and education, and they listened to others who told them that “following your passion” was not sensible or realistic.

These individuals are often restless. They are not content in their jobs, as they are doing something that is NOT in line with their passion. When someone is doing what they were destined to do, it feeds them, it energizes them, and they love what they do, every day.

It is like the saying, “Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” The path to our dreams and to the jobs that emotionally sustain us is not always an easy one. But it is one that is worth it in the end – if we are willing to stay the course and persevere.

Some people are not able to handle the instability of laying the path for themselves. Others have listened to others discourage them from the path; while the rest are too afraid or do not believe in themselves enough to try.

If you have a gift, foster it, develop it. Get involved with it on a regular basis, even if that means working at it part-time at first. Don’t forget about your dreams. Otherwise, you will always feel as if there is something missing in your life, making you wonder, “what if.”

Here are the stories of four artists and a gallery owner to help inspire you. They followed their passion and their dreams no matter what. Learn what real perseverance and belief in self can look like.

Perhaps their words will resonate with you and help light a spark within you.

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